Things US presidents can’t do in office

Drive a car on a public road - Lyndon B. Johnson was likely the last president to ever drive on a taxpayer-funded highway. However, they're allowed to drive on private property.

Use personal technology unmonitored - Presidents are now advised to restrict the use of personal technology, such as iPhones.

Accept expensive gifts -
Rules are strict when it comes to presidents accepting expensive gifts from world leaders and other dignitaries.

Use commercial airlines -
Secret Service prohibits the president to use commercial airlines. But it's a slim chance they would even choose that since they have the Air Force 1.

Copyright published works while in office - Even if a sitting US president would find the time to write and publish a book, they wouldn't have the copyright as a federal employee. 

Interpret laws -
A president can have strong opinions just like any other citizen, but they can't enforce an interpretation of a law. That's the job of the Supreme Court. 

Clean their office -
The president is discouraged from cleaning their office or throwing away mail.

They can't go anywhere without the "football" - The "football" is the nickname given to the briefcase the Secret Service carries when they travel with the president.

Open the windows in the White House - Secret Service requires that all the windows stay closed for security reasons. This also applies to windows in all official transportation.

Earn outside income in addition to government salary - According to the law, the president must place all investments into a blind trust until they leave office.

Make laws -
The president can't make any new laws at all, only pass a bill, or veto it. The power to create new laws fall on the Congress. 

Go out for dinner -
Presidents can go out to dinner, but the Secret Service will need sufficient notice so that they will be able to secure the restaurant. 

Have a normal phone call -
Secret Service is on top of everything, even when it comes to phone calls and video chatting. These can only be done on a secured line.

Provide additional funding for NASA - The president can't authorize additional funding. It all lies with Congress, especially if it's about a budget issue. 

Break the law -
All laws apply to the president, and if they're broken Congress can choose to vote for impeachment.

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