Things you didn’t know about sugar

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Breaking down sugars -: Sugars are molecules of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. 

European royalty would eventually make giant sugar sculptures -: Called subtleties, these sugar sculptures were made into different shapes and wheeled out at royal feasts starting in the 13th century.

Sugarcane was first domesticated in New Guinea -: One of the world's oldest ingredients, sugarcane was first domesticated in New Guinea around 8000 BCE.

It was once considered a spice -: When sugar was first introduced to 12th-century England, it was grouped with other tropical spices like ginger, cinnamon, and saffron.

Origin of the word -: The word "sugar" originates from the Sanskrit word sharkara, which means "material in a granule form." 

It started as a luxury in Europe -: Initially, sugar was so rare and expensive that only royalty could afford it.

India was the first to crystallize cane sugar -: People in India have been crystallizing cane sugar for at least 2,000 years

Sugar during the slave trade -: The Portuguese brought sugarcane to Brazil, where a slave-based plantation economy was established.

It was used as a medicine for centuries -: Dating back to 9th-century Iraq, sugar was used to make medicinal syrups with fruits and spices.

There are many types of sugars -: The three main categories of sugar are monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polyols.

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