Things you shouldn’t do while staying in a hotel

Forgetting to inspect the room: Even the best hotels and housekeepers can miss some spots when it comes to cleaning.

Sneaking in your pets: As much as you want to bring your furry friends, don't do so unless it's a pet-friendly hotel.

Breaking glass and lying about it: Sure, accidents happen. But not saying anything can actually harm staff or future guests.

Cheating the minibar: Don't try to cheat the minibar by taking liquor and swapping it with a cheap soda.

Touching surfaces without taking precautions: Always remember: the most touched items in a hotel room are often the dirtiest.

Asking for an early check-in in the morning of: You need to ask for this service well in advance, as staff will allocate your room to be the first cleaned.

Expecting your room will be cleaned immediately: Some guests expect their rooms to be cleaned immediately after leaving for some minutes.

Calling the front desk with questions before checking the booklets and menu: Make sure to take a look at the booklets and the menu before phoning reception with your questions.

Forgetting to look for bedbugs: Before you lay down on the bed, make sure you inspect it for any bedbugs.

Sending sensitive information over hotel Wi-Fi: You should always use your computer with caution in a hotel.

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