Things you might not realize are hurting your lungs

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Mold: -Mold can really affect those who have any sort of lung condition, including asthma.

Carpet: -Carpets can hold on to dust and a number of allergens and microorganisms.

Fireworks: -The vibrant colors you see in firework displays are actually made by toxic metal salts. 

Hot tubs: -Hot tubs can be incredibly relaxing, but they can also be breathing grounds for bacteria.

Flour: -Yes, flour can hurt your lungs. Flour dust in particular, which is a hazardous substance, can cause a condition known as baker's asthma.

Cockroaches: -Cockroaches are tough creatures that can get into your house in a number of ways, including through the walls and plumbing.

Gas appliances: -Yes, your stove may be hurting your lungs. The combustion causes nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide to be released.

Birds: -Birds can harm your lungs in two ways. One of them is through avian antigens in their droppings.

Airbags: -Airbags save lives, but they can also trigger asthma, too.

Humidifiers: -Humidifiers can help when the air is really dry, but if they are not regularly cleaned.

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