Time-management tips you should try

Make a time audit: The first step to managing time efficiently is to understand that it's being spent. 

Learn how to deal with stress: Part of learning how to manage time better is dealing with stress properly.

Organize your email: If your job involves receiving tons of emails, take your time to sort them of.

Break out of your procrastination bubble: Procrastination can seriously waste your time. Maybe you spend a lot of your time overthinking.

Set deadlines: You might feel that deadlines are just added pressure, but they're actually there to ensure accountability.

Create a to-do list: To-do lists are reminders. If you write them on your phone, you might forget about them.

Start your day early: Starting your day early gives you great benefits. 

Set aside time for yourself before starting your day: Whether it's having a good cup of coffee or reading a book for 15 minutes, take some time for yourself before work.

Make planning part of your day: Planning is one of the most effective and powerful time-management strategies you can incorporate.

Prioritize urgent tasks first: Early in the day, your energy and productivity levels are much higher.

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