Tips for finding meaningful work

A new concept -
Finding work that not only pays the bills but that we also find meaning and purpose in is a relatively new concept.

Work before -
For example, work during the Industrial Revolution was a means to an end, a way of making ends meet.

Choice paralysis -
However different things are today, it is important to keep in mind that being confused about career choice is perfectly normal. 

We are unprepared -
We should have empathy for ourselves if we have not yet located work that is entirely fulfilling because it is challenging (and for several reasons).

We are not shown how -
In general, throughout the world, schooling systems fail to prepare us for finding work that is fulfilling for us.

It could be a long and arduous process - In finding fulfilling work, there are accepted processes that can help, although they might take a long time and considerable effort.

Bills and life get in the way -
Many companies in the world are looking to make a quick buck, and it’s very easy to end up working for them, especially if the salary and benefits are attractive.

Putting pen to paper -
A good exercise is to park the issue of money and write down the kinds of activities that you have enjoyed in the past or that you may find interesting to try.

Think expansively at first -
The goal is to come up with a list of jobs that you will find fulfillment in doing.

The next steps -
When we discover the kinds of jobs that we may find fulfilling, the next step is to try to whittle down the list based on several factors.

Find out what it's really like -
Shadowing people who are doing the job you may find fulfilling is an excellent way of gathering data.

Volunteering -
For some kinds of jobs, it may be possible to volunteer to work in the industry.

A select number of options -
Eventually, the goal is that a particular job, or a number of jobs, will emerge as the type of work you will find fulfilling. 

Setting goals -
Once it becomes apparent what you will find fulfilling as a job, the next step is to set goals in getting into whatever line of work it is.

Specifically, SMART ones -
The SMART goal system is a handy tool in aiding with the achievement of any long- or short-term aim.

A long-term strategy -
A long-term plan can span years ahead and may include going back to school, training, or attempting to start a business in your spare time.

Luck -
Whatever circumstance people find themselves in, luck often has a lot to do with it.

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