Tips to improve your pet's dental health

Tartar buildup: The second stage of dental disease is tartar buildup.

Dental disease stages: Dental disease can be divided into four major stages.

It starts early in life: Many dogs and cats get dental issues by the age of three.

Dental disease can affect overall health: Bacteria get trapped beneath the gum line and can enter the bloodstream.

How does dental disease develop: Dental disease occurs when plaque, tartar, and bacteria build up in your pet’s mouth.

Other signs: Excessive drooling, loss of appetite, abnormal chewing, and, of course.

Oral pain: If your pet shows signs of pain in the mouth, either to the touch, while eating.

Tooth loss: If your pet loses a tooth or more, then it’s likely that the structures that support the teeth allowed for this to happen.

Bad breath: Bad breath is never a good sign. Many of us are familiar with “dog breath,” but this is not actually normal.

The importance of dental health: Good dental health is important not only for your pet’s mouth, but for their overall health.

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