Top 10 tips for running in the winter

Make it a commitment - Set a date and time to meet up with someone to go on a run. This way you'll have extra motivation to leave the house

What to look for in winter running shoes - Look for shoes that have the least amount of mesh. These are great for warmer, dry conditions, but not when it’s cold and wet.

Dress like it’s warmer - Your body temperature will increase so dress as if it were a few degrees warmer. You’re supposed to feel a bit cool when you start your run.

Be visible - In dark and poor weather conditions, it’s even advisable that you wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight.

Wear winter running socks - If it’s cold but dry outside, socks containing merino wool can be a great option to keep your feet warm and insulated.

Reward yourself - Reward yourself after your run. Think about that special meal, or simply a treat that will make the effort worthwhile.

Warm up - Warm up before going out on a winter run. Just move around enough to get your blood flowing.

Extreme weather conditions - Avoid running in thunderstorms or in blizzard conditions. Surely you can skip a session.

Choose the right time if you can - In cold climates, try to go for a run during the warmest time of the day

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