Tempestuous tracks about storms and hurricanes

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'Hurricanes' by Dido: -"Let me face / The sound and fury / Let me face / Hurricanes," sings Dido.

'Storms in Africa' by Enya: -We can listen to Enya's angelic voice singing about storms in Africa in this 1988 tune.

'The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?) by Snow Patrol: -Front man Gary Lightbody wrote this song after he was caught in a storm in Glasgow.

'Like a Hurricane' by Neil Young: -Released in 1977, this Neil Young tune is about a love interest of his. 

'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC: -This iconic song by Aussie rockers AC/DC gets everyone with their fists in the air shouting "thunder.

'Thunder' by Imagine Dragons: -"Thunder, feel the thunder / Lightning and the thunder." Sounds like a storm to us.

'Ridin' the Storm Out' by REO Speedwagon: -Released in 1973, Gary Richrath wrote this song about a time when the band was caught in a blizzard.

'Riders on the Storm' by The Doors: -This track from the band's 1971 album 'L.A. Woman' is a classic. 

'Rock You Like a Hurricane' by Scorpions: -The German rockers got everyone to sing out loud: "Here I am / Rock you like a hurricane.

Surfing in a Hurricane' by Jimmy Buffett: -A hurricane surely brings big waves, right.

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