The turbulent times and sounds of Miles Davis

Heading 1

Davis in New York: -While Davis' mother still had her heart set on her son studying in St. Louis.

An invitation from the Duke: -Another one of Davis' idols, Duke Ellington, reached out to Davis with an offer to join the Duke's band on tour.

Birth of a king: -Miles Dewey Davis III was born on May 26, 1926, in Alton, Illinois to Cleota and Miles Davis II.

In search of Charlie: -Instead of going to classes, Davis spent most of his time haunting the bars.

The Charlie Parker Quintet: -After tracking down Parker, the pair became roommates for some time. 

The trumpeting son of a violinist: -For Davis's ninth birthday, a family friend gifted him his first trumpet.

A fateful night in St. Louis: -One summer night, in 1944, a group of legendary swing musicians.

A wealthy upbringing: -The Davis family did well for themselves, and lived in an upscale apartment in a well-to-do neighborhood of St. Louis.

An early obsession: -Despite his mother's pleas and condemnations, Davis quickly became obsessed with his horn.

Jaded at Julliard: -While Davis would later admit he gained some valuable insight in the classroom.

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