TV secrets that producers won't tell you

"Soft-scripted" is a thing - On shows like 'The Hills,' while they're not told what to say specifically, the producers tell cast members what to talk about

Unscripted doesn't mean much - 'The Only Way Is Essex' for example has admitted that while there's no script, the show is heavily structured and conversations are arranged by the crew.

It’s not really...real - While there’s no script, there are still writers behind wildly popular reality shows who craft plot lines and tweak footage to create conflict and shape stories.

Nothing is off limits - Big shows do an extensive background check on all prospective stars, including calling friends and family.

Reality TV loves weaknesses - If you ever want to apply to be on a reality show, highlight your weaknesses, your dislikes, and your fears.

'Big Brother' bias - The show has been accused of being biased towards certain contestants when it comes to deciding which moments to show.

"Real" is relative - Not all reality shows are the same, and some are heavily staged. 

It's never a coincidence - If someone shows up unexpectedly to an event, or an accident happens on-screen, it's very likely that those dramatic moments were staged by producers.

Crafting reality for on-screen currency - Allegedly, a writer for 'The Only Way Is Essex' has stated that some characters actively seek out relationships for more airtime.

You're seeing a fraction of a fraction - Besides the whole “reality” part being blurry, you're also only seeing a few minutes of what was hours or days worth of action.

Crew vs. Wild - It was also said that the raft he seemed to have made himself was built by a crew, and that the wild horses he encountered were brought in from a trekking station.

Location = Budget - The quickest way to judge the budget of a show is to see where it's filmed.

Schedules of 'Geordie Shore' - One cast member revealed that the producers of this Newcastle-based show usually scheduled their bedtimes and their daily activities.

No canned cheers on 'The X Factor' - According to Digital Spy, crowds outside have to cheer for two hours for the camera crew to get the shots of people in line.

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