Understanding epilepsy and SUDEP

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Continual seizures: -People who continue to have seizures are at greater risk of several complications.

It's thought to differ by individual: -There’s very little known about what causes the death. 

It's very poorly understood: -The people who die in this tragic way are sadly often found in their beds after passing.

Breathing difficulties may be involved: -Researchers think that a seizure causes an irregular heart rhythm.

One in a thousand sufferers: -Every year, one in a thousand people who have epilepsy die of SUDEP. 

In a third of cases: -In a third of the cases, there is a witnessed seizure close to the time of death, although it’s not clear that this is what causes the death.

It's linked with an irregular heartbeat: -Researchers suspect that seizures may lead to an irregular heartbeat.

The only action is to lower risk of seizures: -Until answers are found, the best way of actually preventing it is to lower the risk of seizures.

Cause of death: -Usually, someone who dies of a SUDEP will be completely healthy and when the autopsy is done there is no other cause of death.

What is SUDEP?: -SUDEP is the sudden, unexpected death of someone with epilepsy.

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