How many of these unique American pizza styles have you tried

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California-style pizza: - California pizza is recognizable by its weird toppings, like barbecue chicken or Thai sauces.

New York pizza: - New York-style pizzas are usually cut into large slices that are folded in half for eating.

Grilled pizza: - This style of pizza cooks the dough on the grill over hot coals.

Detroit-style pizza: - This pizza is baked in a steel square pan and has a thin, crispy crust.

Chicago deep-dish pizza: - This Chicago original features a few inch-deep deep crust with a layer of cheese with toppings.

New Haven pizza: - Often called "apizza," these pies are cooked on wax paper.

Neapolitan pizza: - This is authentic Italian pizza... but Americanized somewhat. 

Pan pizza: - You'll find these at big chains like Pizza Hut, as well as in the southeastern US.

Bar/tavern pizza: - These bad boys have a super-thin crust, are cut into square slices, and are easy to hold while you sip a pint.

New England Greek-style pizza: - Greek pizza has olives and feta on it. Greek-style pizza is different. 

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