Unique ways to use salt

Cleaning vases: A salt and water combination will be a useful way to get rid of any residue left over from having flowers in your vase.

Cleaning artificial flowers: Putting a quarter of a cup of salt in a paper bag along with your artificial flowers will clean them and make them look new.

Keep artificial flowers in place: Adding salt to a vase and then a little cold water will make the salt solidify.

Keep wicker furniture looking new: Brushing wicker furniture with saltwater will keep it looking new, and help to prevent natural discoloration.

Give your broom a longer life: Soaking the bristles of a broom in hot saltwater will add some life to it, and also give it a thorough clean.

Cleaning the fireplace: Throwing salt at the flames will help the fire die out quicker.

Polish: Combining salt, flour, and vinegar to create a polish will be just as effective as a professional polish.

Red wine on carpet: In order to avoid permanent staining, first put some white wine over the red to dilute the color, then clean with water. 

Other spillages on the carpet: Combining salt with some rubbing alcohol is a good way to clean up even the most stubborn stains.

Watermarks: The stains left on wood by glasses or bottles can be very hard to get rid of.

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