Unsolved mysteries of the Wild West

Treasure cabin: In 1853, brothers James and Henry Wilson teamed up with a group of prospectors and went looking for gold around Jacksonville, Oregon. 

Treasure cabin: They eventually built a cabin and dug a hole inside, where they hid the gold they found. 

Treasure cabin: Harper and a poet named Sam Simpson went looking for the cabin 15 years later. 

Mysterious duel: In 1876, physician S.E. Solly received some letters from Alfred Schlesinger.

Mysterious duel: The letters said that he had gone to take part in a "fight" at the Lawson Ranch, and asked Solly to come find his body.

Mysterious duel: Solly eventually found Schlesinger shot dead. There was a line drawn on the ground.

Bigfoot: Bigfoot sightings date back a long time, including back in the Old West.

Bigfoot: But there was a peculiar difference back then: Bigfoot stank.

A Spanish ship in the desert: Sightings of a Spanish ship stranded in the California desert were subject to much speculation and theories.

A Spanish ship in the desert: In 1870, explorer Albert Evans claimed to have found "the wreck of a gallant ship.

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