Valentine’s traditions around the world

Denmark -
A popular Danish Valentine's Day tradition is the exchange of "lover's cards." 

France - In France when February 14 rolls around, couples trade letters and gift

South Korea -
Valentine's Day is a popular holiday for young couples in South Korea, and variations of the holiday are celebrated from February through April.

England -
Back in the day, women placed bay leaves on their pillows on Valentine’s Eve to bring dreams of their future husbands. 

Bulgaria -
On February 14, San Trifon Zartan is celebrated in Bulgaria, which means "Day of Winemakers."

Italy -
Italians celebrate Valentine's Day with gift exchanges and romantic dinners.

Germany -
Pigs are considered a symbol of luck in Germany, so it's not uncommon to give and receive pig statues, stuffed animals, and more on Valentine's Day.

Argentina -
Argentinians don't traditionally celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. Instead, they celebrate their love during the "Week of Sweetness" in July. 

Taiwan -
In Taiwan, men will give huge bouquets to their loves on February 14 and later again on July 7.

Czech Republic -
In the Czech Republic, Valentine's Day is celebrated on May 1. On this day, young couples kiss under the cherry trees for good luck.

Finland -
For anyone who is single, Finland is the place to be! Valentine's is all about celebrating with your friends. The day is even called Friend’s Day in Finnish.

Estonia -
On February 14, Estonia celebrates Friendship Day, known as Sõbrapäev. The day is for everyone, couples and singles, to celebrate love.

Japan -
Similar to South Korea, Japanese women buy gifts and chocolates for their male companions on February 14. Men can't return gifts until March 14.

Philippines -
Valentine’s Day is a popular occasion for mass weddings where hundreds, sometimes even thousands, will tie the knot. 

Thailand - In Thailand , couples who get married around Valentine’s Day often take part in a mountainside ceremony that involves climbing scary heights.

Norway -
Norwegians have a tradition of writing poems to their beloved, and pressing a small white Snowdrop flower inside the paper.

Slovenia - There's a popular belief that birds propose to each other on February 14, and to witness this one must walk barefoot through fields.

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