Vintage photos of celebs gone fishin

Greta Garbo (1905–1990) -
Swedish actress Greta Garbo is pictured here fishing in 1929, one year after starring in 'A Woman of Affairs' (1928), which made her a top box-office star.

Clark Gable (1901–1960) -
Fresh from his first leading role in 'Dance, Fools, Dance' (1931), Clark Gable enjoys a bit of downtime fly fishing.

Bette Davis (1908–1989) -
Bette Davis still manages to look glamorous even in waist-high waders during an annual fishing expedition in the California mountains, around 1930.

Al Capone (1899–1947) -
The notorious mobster enjoys some down time away from Chicago fishing off his boat in Florida, where he owned a plush waterfront mansion. 

Stan Laurel (1890–1965) -
Stan Laurel, one half of the hugely successful comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, fishing while on vacation in Hawaii in 1927.

Judy Garland (1922–1969) -
Caught in the act! A proud Judy Garland shows off her fishing prowess during a August 1950 vacation at Sun Valley in Idaho.

Tony Curtis (1925–2010) -
Stripped to the waist, Tony Curtis indulges in some pier fishing off Malibu in 1955. 

Marilyn Monroe (1926–1962) -
Marilyn Monroe, then known as Norma Jeane Mortenson, pictured in 1946 posing for a portrait while fishing in the sea near Los Angeles.

Sid Caesar (1922–2014) -
American comic actor and writer Sid Caesar fishing with his children, daughter Michele "Shelly" Caesar and son Ricky Caesar, in 1954.

Maureen O'Sullivan (1911–1998) -
The Irish-American actress is remembered for playing Jane in the Tarzan series of films opposite Johnny Weissmuller in the 1930s and 1940s. 

Jean Gabin (1904–1976) -
Legendary French actor and singer Jean Gabin looks the part as he prepares to embark on a carp fishing expedition in Germany in 1966.

Ava Gardner (1922–1990) -
Replete in a bathing suit, waders, and sailor's cap, Ava Gardner strikes a suitably maritime pose while fishing in the ocean in this 1942 publicity image.

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