ways that yoga can improve your health

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Cardiovascular disease: -There is a great deal of research that has concluded the many benefits of yoga for people who have cardiovascular disease.

Balance: -Yoga can be very helpful for maintaining balance. This means that the likelihood of falling decreases, which is especially important for older people.

Anxiety and depression: -Many studies have shown a link between practicing yoga and the subsequent reduction of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Strength: -Yoga will increase both your strength and your range of motion, which consequently will reduce your risk of injury.

Insomnia: -Yoga relaxes the body, and can help insomnia sufferers get a better night’s sleep.

Blood pressure: -Various studies have found that practicing yoga two or three times a week can help reduce blood pressure.

Lower back problems: -Yoga has been proven to be of assistance in the alleviation of lower back problems.

Weight loss: -Participating in yoga on a regular basis can assist in weight loss, especially if it is part of a number of lifestyle changes.

Brain power: -Yoga can boost brain power. Just 20 minutes of yoga can make a noticeable improvement to your attention and memory.

Stress: -Yoga can help relax you, and assists in reducing physical symptoms of chronic stress.

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