Ways to build healthy bones

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Good for women: -A study found that women over 50 who ate onions most often had a 20% lower risk.

Inflammation: -Not only does weight-bearing exercise increase bone mineral density, strength and size, it also reduces inflammation.

Strength training: -We usually associate this type of training with an increase in muscle mass.

Weight-bearing exercises: -This is basically any type of physical activity that forces you to work against gravity.

Increased bone density: -This will help you avoid conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Peak bone mass: -Our bones are strengthened from childhood to early adulthood. 

Eat Vegetables: -Vegetables help increase bone mineral density.

Children: -A study found that weight-bearing physical activity by children was beneficial for their bones. 

Vitamin C: -Vegetables are a good source of vitamin C. This vitamin has an antioxidant effect.

They’re great for the young ones too: -The consumption of green and yellow vegetables is effective in the maintenance of bone mass in young women, says one study.

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