Ways to kill time at the airport

Go for some food -
You'll probably be hungry at some point, so treat yourself to a nice meal or a delicious sandwich at least. 

People watch -
There's no better place to people watch than an airport, especially with plenty of people passing through every day.

Listen to music or a podcast - There's nothing like listening to music or a good podcast, especially when you have so much time to kill. 

Go shopping -
Shopping at the airport can get expensive, but there are a great variety of shops to browse.

Get social - Airports are one of the best places to do so since there are strangers from all over the world.

Sort out your travel photos -
Who doesn't love a good holiday photo? Take your time while waiting to sort them out and decide which one has potential to go on social media. 

Take a walk -
Airports tend to be big with many terminals, shops, and areas to discover. Use your time to walk around and check out what's there to see. 

Planespot -
If you love airplanes, spend some time gazing out at the runway, watching the planes take off and land.

Write in a diary or journal -
If you enjoy writing, keeping a diary for your travels is a great way to capture thoughts, ideas, and memories.

Discover other airport facilities -
When you've got time on your hand, it's definitely worth checking out what other facilities they have.

Surf social media -
Social media can be all-consuming, making you feel like you're wasting your time. But during a long wait at the airport, it can be your entertainment. 

Get your shoes shined -
It's quite common to find shoe shining stands at major airports, especially in cities with big business hubs. 

Play games on your phone -
There are a lot of games available on different app stores for you to download. Playing them will make the time go by quickly.

Call a loved one -
Keeping your loved ones informed during your travels is important to let them know that you're safe and sound.

Brush up on your language skills - With all this time, bring a language book or use an app on your phone to learn some key phrases in the language of your destination.

Get a massage -
Whether you've had an active holiday, or you've been sitting on a long flight, travelling can take a toll on your body. 

Play cards -
Bring a deck of playing cards, or buy one at the airport. You can fill in some time by playing single player card games like solitaire. 

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