Ways to maintain a strong marriage

Put up photos -
It'll make your partner feel wanted and happy if you take the time and effort to put up pictures of the two of you together.

Spend time away -
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Plus, it's a great chance for you to catch up with friends, and for your partner to do the same!

Learn to enjoy something the other likes - Whether it's playing soccer, going for a run, or kicking back on the couch watching horror movies, try to enjoy something your partner likes.

Surprise them with a kiss -
Such a tiny thing, but often the smallest gestures can go a very long way. A little kiss really does the trick!

Sit together, being affectionate -
If you are hanging out in the lounge, watching TV, or just talking, be affectionate and cuddle up to your partner.

Wear something special -
Occasionally, it can be fun to wear something that your partner likes, even if it is just to get some more of their attention!

Kiss after a long day -
If, when you are reunited, your partner feels that you are excited and happy to see them, this can make your marriage stronger.

Watch something your partner likes -
Even if it's garbage, taking the time to indulge your partner's tastes here and there will certainly be appreciated.

Leave work on time -
Getting home as early as possible is a good way to show that you care, and that you want to spend as much time with your partner as possible.

Listen -
If your partner is trying to tell you a story, or something about their day, listen! It's the very least you can do.

Dedicate a day to them completely -
At least once a month, take the time to put a whole day aside for your partner. They will be your full and entire focus for the day.

Help -
Even if you don't feel like going shopping, or carrying your partner's bags, do it anyway! In a relationship, you should always expect strong elements of compromise.

Forgive quickly -
Everyone has arguments, and sometimes mistakes are made. The ability to forgive quickly is very important, as it allows you to move on.

Be honest -
Not only is being honest with your partner the right thing to do, you will also find that it should provide you with great peace of mind.

Plan your budget together -
Again, being upfront about everything is very important, with finances being no exception. Don't hide anything.

Make each other breakfast in bed -
Let one relax and be waited on while the other sorts out breakfast. Then you can eat it together. Take it in turns!

Stare into each other's eyes -
Taking just a small amount of time together to reconnect is of great importance. Routines make us all busy, so value your free time together.

Be together properly -
This means giving them your full attention, and not being stuck on your phone or computer all day, essentially ignoring them.

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