How did we preserve food during the Middle Ages

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Salting - Salting was the most common way to preserve food, as it drew out the moisture.

Salting - One method of salting meat was by pressing dry salt into it, then layering.

Dried meat - Meat could also be preserved through drying. The method involved first cutting it into thin stripes, and then lightly salting it.

Dried fruit - Fruits were sun-dried in warmer climes and oven-dried in cooler regions. 

Drying foods to preserve them - It's understood that moisture allows for the rapid microbiological growth of bacteria.

The process - In warmer regions, one could simply dry meat under the hot summer sun. 

Cooking with salted food - The first thing a cook did when he prepared the salted food for consumption was to soak it in fresh water.

Keeping food in salt brines - While not effective in the long term, preserving food in a salt brine was also a used method.

Dried cod - In Scandinavia, where temperatures dropped to freezing temperatures, cod fish were dried out in the cold air.

A popular method - Drying was used to preserve all sorts of foods, such as grains like rye and wheat.

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