Fall wellness tips to keep you healthy this season

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Wake up at the same time: -As the sun goes down earlier, it can mess with your natural circadian rhythm.

Do smart swaps on comfort foods: -Instead of making calorie-rich dishes, opt for a veggie soup filled with fiber-rich vegetables like spinach.

Get your flu shot: -Stay healthy during flu season by getting your once-a-year flu vaccine.

Sterilize your most touched items: -It’s good to make it a habit to sanitize your most touched items. 

Dine with your family: -Fall is a good time to slow down and regroup as a family. 

Consume immunity-boosting foods: -As flu season starts, it’s important for your immune system to be in good shape.

Get enough vitamin D: -Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. When fall arrives, daylight is less available, meaning you'll get less of this essential vitamin. 

Munch on in-season foods: -A lot of beautiful vegetables and fruits appear this season. 

Switch up your fitness routines: -If you live in colder climates, you'll probably have to give up on your outdoor exercises.

Be kind to yourself: -The shorter days can cause poor mood, and the flu season can cause sickness.

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