What about Ken, Barbie's boyfriend

The first Ken doll -
Barbie made her first appearance in March 1959. Ken was introduced as her counterpart two years later, in 1961. 

Ken's early wardrobe -
Ken quickly ditched the beach boy look for a more preppy style. Pictured is Ken's wardrobe from 1961. 

Trendsetter -
Over the years Ken's wardrobe has evolved to reflect the fashion trends of the day. This travel case set is packed with an assortment of casual wear. 

Totally Hair Ken -
It actually took 11 years for Ken to get "real" hair (in 1992 Totally Hair Ken, pictured, made waves with rooted hair and a tube of styling gel. 

Ken, the all-American -
Ken has always been a clean-cut all-American kinda guy, someone you could quite happily introduce to your mother. And he'd always bring flowers. 

Sunsational Malibu Ken -
In 1982 Sunsational Malibu Ken doll, the first African American Ken doll, hit the streets. Looking smart in his suit, he even had a cool rooted Afro hairstyle. 

Magic Earring Ken -
A little over a decade later in 1993, a Ken doll appeared called Earring Magic Ken, released by Mattel as a companion to its Earring Magic Barbie figure.

Denim-clad Ken -
Here's Ken in 1995, swathed in denim. He'd evolved through the funky disco styles of the 1970s and early '80s to the trendy styles of the 1990s. 

California Dream Ken -
But for many Ken was still associated with sun, sand, and surf. In fact, Beach Bum Ken has been reproduced into 12 different versions between 1962 and 2002. 

'Toy Story 3' (2010) -
Michael Keaton voiced Ken in 2010's 'Toy Story 3' and his character made no less than 50 wardrobe changes during the film.

Ken at 50 -
Ken at 50 didn't look a day over 25. His good looks and sense of fashion had prevailed. And he'd won back his girl. But what would come next for Barbie's partner? 

Human Ken doll -
Slovak-American Justin Jedlica is today regarded as the real human Ken doll. 

Ken in the 2020s -
The Ken of the 2020s is nowhere near the Ken of 1961, except perhaps in eternally young looks. 

Ken grabs the glory -
Barbie is still the "it" girl, but in this image of Mattel's Los Angeles headquarters, it's Ken that's grabbing all the glory.   

Is that you, Ken? -
Actor Ryan Gosling is pictured roller skating on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, California, wearing an outrageous fluorescent outfit. 

Costume change -
Robbie and Gosling are again seen in their respective roles, this time with a cowboy kick, after a costume change. 

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