What are the biggest turnoffs in the bedroom

Bad breath: If you going for a romantic dinner and are hoping to get lucky don’t order the garlic bread.

Smoking: On that same note, many people get turned off by tobacco breath or the smell of smoke on someone's hair and clothes.

Unruly nails: In heteronormative circles a man’s nails are expected to be short and clean.

Unruly nails: There’s no worse surprise than getting to the point of disrobing and discovering that your partner has long.

Socks in bed: On the other hand keeping your socks on won’t help the problem! Being totally naked except for a pair of socks is just not a good look.'

Hygiene: Personal hygiene is a major one for most people. An unpleasant body odor can really pull you out of a moment of passion.

Dirty sheets: The same goes for hygiene in the home. If the bedroom is a pigsty and their sheets haven’t been washed.

Animals in the bedroom: Many people report that allowing pets in the bedroom is a big turnoff. 

Animals in the bedroom: What’s worse though is when the pet is allowed in the bedroom while you’re getting busy.

The lights: The issue of turning the lights on or off is a contentious one, and can be a turnoff regardless of which option you prefer. 

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