What hairdressers want you to know

Don't move your head -
Don’t move your head when you’re in the chair, or you'll risk getting your hair cut incorrectly. The rule is to only move when your stylist says so.

Have realistic expectations -
Always have realistic expectations. Just because your friend managed to go from brunette to red in one appointment doesn't mean you can.

Coloring and lightening aren't the same - Going darker or staying at a similar shade involves popping color molecules into the hair shaft.

The finger trick -
If you like the cut on a model, cover their face with your finger. This way you'll see if you really like the hair and not the face.

Know your measurements -
Make sure you know what six inches (15 cm) looks like. You might think you want to cut that much, but you’re not aware of what it actually looks like.

Your hair doesn’t need to be dirty for it to be styled - Hairdressers actually prefer that you come in with clean hair.

Keep in mind what you're wearing - Don't wear a hoodie or a turtleneck, unless you can take it off. Both of them get in the way when the stylist is trying to cut and color your hair.

Close your eyes -
Don't keep your eyes open when washing. It's just awkward for the hairstylist to know someone is staring right up their nostrils!

Good coloring isn't cheap -
Don't expect a miracle. A good color change is an investment in time and money. Salons use high-quality products, so in the end you get what you pay for.

They can't hear you when blow-drying - Don't insist on chatting when the hairstylist is blow-drying. It's just impossible to have a conversation with all that noise.

Communicate about what you want and don't want -Hairstylists aren't mind readers. Make sure to properly communicate what you want or don't want.

Bring in pictures of styles you like - It's always helpful when you bring in a couple of pictures of styles you like that work on your hair type.

Be honest -
Be honest if you don't like the cut. Just be nice about it and let the hairstylist know. Most of them will want to help and fix it for you.

Don’t talk with your head -
Try to be aware of how you move your body when you talk, especially your head. 

Bring in realistic pictures -
Something that frustrates hairdressers is when clients bring in unrealistic pictures.

Don't lift your head -
Whatever you do, don't lift your head in the shampoo bowl! You'll end up soaking the back of your shirt, which will be super uncomfortable for the rest of your appointment.

Be realistic about your hairstyle - Certain styles are better for one hair type over another. Don't judge the hairstylist trying to accommodate you.

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