What is monkeypox exactly, and why is it spreading

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Monkeypox the misnomer: -If you’ve been keeping up with the news recently, you’ve probably heard of monkeypox.

The rash: -The rash is not dissimilar to that caused by chickenpox. It starts as raised bumps, which then turn into small fluid-filled blisters.

Global spread: -However, there have been a number of outbreaks since May 2022 in the US, UK, Australia, mainland Europe.

Medical mystery: -The recent outbreak of monkeypox has puzzled health authorities and scientists.

Hospitalization: -However, some people experience more severe symptoms and become quite unwell. 

Risk groups: - The risk of needing hospital treatment is higher for older people, young children, and individuals taking medication that affects their immune system.

From infection to symptoms: - If you are infected with the virus that causes monkeypox, it normally takes between five.

The initial symptoms: -The initial symptoms of the infection include fever, headaches, muscle aches, swollen glands, exhaustion, and joint pain. 

Monkeypox in Africa: -Given the name "monkeypox" because it was first discovered in monkeys in Denmark in 1958.

Recovery: -The symptoms of monkeypox can be very nasty, but they usually clear up in a few weeks without treatment.

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