What we know about the Holy Grail

Is it in the Bible? -
If Jesus using the grail wasn't enough, one of his followers, Joseph of Arimathea, is said to have used it to catch Christ's blood from the cross.

First reference -
In fact, it was not until the Middle Ages that the concept of the Holy Grail appeared.

What we know about the Holy Grail -
The poem makes reference to a grail made of gold and studded with jewels, but there is no link to the Last Supper

Holy Grail conspiracy theories -
English writer John Hardyng was the first one to make the unlikely connection.

Fisher King -
That knight turns out to be Galahad (one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table). He finds the Holy Grail and heals the Fisher King. 

How the grail became holy -
About 10 years later, French author Robert de Boron picked up on the Percival story and wrote a work called 'Joseph d'Arimathie.' 

Pop culture -
The Holy Grail has been depicted in numerous art forms, including cinema.

Possible location of the Holy Grail -
This Cathar castle known as the Château de Montségur, located in southern France.

Holy Grail conspiracy theories -
This would completely change everything. So, now we have a secret bloodline of Jesus Christ with his supposed-wife, Mary Magdalene.

Is the story even Christian? -
The story of the Fisher King closely resembles that of an ancient Celtic myth. 

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