What you might not know about angels

Roots of the word -
The origins of the English word “angel” come from the Greek aggelos, which means “messenger.”

But who are these messengers? -
Angels were created to serve God. They are essentially messengers from God.

What do angels look like? -
Angels have been depicted by artists for millennia. Many of them are portrayed as beautiful, delicate human-like creatures with wings.

Are angels male or female? -
Angels are traditionally depicted in art as being either female or as highly feminized beings. 

They have limited powers -
Angels have very specific job descriptions and powers that allow them to perform a task. Say an angel is a healer—well, it can’t do anything else. 

Can humans become angels? -
Mark 12:25 has led to some confusion as to whether humans can indeed become angels when they die.

Are angels really that peaceful? -
Like an angel of death killing the firstborn sons of Egypt, after the Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews leave.

Archangels -
Archangels are known to be a different league of angels. 

Was Lucifer an archangel? -
Lucifer was actually a seraphim, part of the highest-ranking angel league. His job was to adore God, but he got jealous and so was cast out of heaven.

Catholic Church -
The Catholic Church recognizes three archangels: Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. They also acknowledge the existence of the other four, though they don’t name them.

Eastern Orthodox Church and Anglican Church -
The Eastern Orthodox Church and Anglicans, on the other hand, add a fourth archangel to the mix: the aforementioned Uriel.

And what about cherubs? -
Cherubs are usually portrayed as cute and chubby baby angels. 

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