What your aura says about you

What is an aura? -
An aura can be described as a spiritual energy field surrounding a being. While it is usually associated with people, it's believed that all living beings have auras.

So, they’re like vibes? -
Sort of, yes. Auras are composed of vibrational frequencies, so it is possible that a person’s vibe is directly linked to the person’s aura.

What does an aura look like? - Imagine a layered electro-magnetic field. An onion of energy around a person. These layers are also known as bodies or planes.

The seven layers of the aura Now, let’s look at the seven layers of the aura. Imagine these as your physical body being the center.

Physical (or etheric) aura plane - This is the first layer of your aura, and the one closest to your skin. It represents your physical health.

Mental aura plane -
The third layer of your aura is related to your thoughts, logic, and reasoning.

Astral body aura plane -
Now we’re getting into your spiritual health, which includes your capacity for love.

Celestial aura plane -
This plane has to do with dreams and intuition. Creative types usually have a strong presence of this aura plane.

Causal aura plane -
The last plane of your aura is influenced by the other planes. It radiates a reflection of the harmony between the other six planes.

Aura colors -
The colors of our auras are connected to our seven chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

Red - if you have red in your aura, you have a solid base from which you can manifest your career, home, power, and sexual energy.

Orange - This color in your area means that you are independent and a realist.

Yellow - A yellow aura shows how you relate to the world and means that you are a curious and optimistic person.

Green and pink -
These are the colors of your heart chakra. 

Blue -
Your throat chakra, which represents communication and expression, has the color blue.

Purple and violet - A purple or violet aura has a strong correlation with your psychic ability and it means that you are quite intuitive.

White -
White is the color of your crown chakra (located above your head). This is the chakra that connects you to the universe.

Black -
A dark or black aura usually indicates more of a block of your chakras.

Can my aura change? -
Yes! Every person radiates different energies, depending on their emotional states and life in general at the time. 

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