What your poop says about you

Straining -
If you do have to strain a lot when you go to the toilet, this is usually a sign of constipation.

Regular -
If, however, you comfortably go to the toilet once a day, you're absolutely fine!

Corn kernels -
If you've ever wondered why these appear in your poop, it's because of cellulose. Cellulose is not digested by our bodies and is therefore expelled in poo.

Wiping -
Wiping just a couple of times usually means your stools are at the right consistency.

Sausage-like stools -
Another good reference to spot a healthy stool is a sausage with cracks.

Pebble-like stools -
If, on the other hand, you look down the toilet and see what looks like brown pebbles, then that's a sign of constipation. 

Pencil-like stools -
Thin stools can also be a sign of constipation. Worst case scenario is it's also a sign of colon cancer. If in doubt, get checked out.

Yellow - Yellow stools can be a sign of an infection, a gallbladder issue, or even a liver disorder such as Gilbert's syndrome.

White -
White stool might be a sign of a liver problem. This can happens when bile from the liver can't reach the GI tract.

Green -
And if you get explosive seaweed-green diarrhea, get checked for a C. diff infection. It's a treatable bacterial infection, but it's definitely no fun.

Black -
Black is equally not a good sign. It may indicate a problem in the upper digestive tract, or even a bleeding ulcer.

Gluten -
If your hydration is on point and you're getting loose stools, especially after you eat gluten-rich foods, maybe get checked for celiac disease.

Though it's not always serious -
Red stools don't always mean there's blood in them. If you eat beets, it can turn your poop red, for instance.

Incomplete evacuation -
If you have to go again after a few moments, then this can be a sign of constipation, or indeed something like irritable bowel syndrome.

Steatorrhea -
If your stool is particularly oily, then you might be experiencing a symptom called steatorrhea.

It stinks -
Poop smells. It's a fact. But if it has a really foul smell, then that might be a sign that something is not right.

Floating poop is no good -
If your stools float, it can be a sign that you have an excess of fat in you poop. 

Food chunks -
If you constantly spot food chunks in your stools, make sure you slow down the next time you eat. 

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