Why guinea pigs are one of the world  best pets

Where do guinea pigs come from: Guinea pigs are originally native to the Andes Mountains in South America, mainly Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

Pigs or rodents: Not only do guinea pigs not come from Guinea or New Guinea, they obviously aren't really pigs. 

Wild guinea pigs: Guinea pigs were originally wild animals, roaming the Andes Mountains and the surrounding forests. 

Common breeds of guinea pigs: There are three main breeds of domesticated guinea pigs. 

Abyssinian guinea pig: The third principle breed of guinea pig is the Abyssinian guinea pig. 

The guinea pig vs. rabbit rivalry: Guinea pigs are famously amicable creatures, and friends to anyone who is willing to be theirs.

Talkative and sociable: Around their own kind, however, guinea pigs get along splendidly.

Marking their possessions: Like many animals, guinea pigs mark their possessions and territories.

Uneven feet: Guinea pigs have very unique feet. Rather than having sets of matching digits.

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