Why we love the Land Rover

In the beginning -
The Land Rover marque was founded in 1947 by Maurice Wilks.

Land Rover Series 1 -
The first production model, Land Rover Series 1 (pictured), was launched in April 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show.

Utility vehicle -
The Land Rover Series I was marketed as an effective, all-purpose utility vehicle.

Royal Warrant -
The Land Rover found immediate favor with Britain's royal household. In fact, the vehicle was granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI in 1951

Hollywood star -
By the early 1950s, the Land Rover had already made its mark in Hollywood. 

Land Rover Series II -
In 1958, production began on the Land Rover Series II, when sales of utility Land Rovers reached their peak.

'Born Free' -
The Land Rover's four-wheel drive made it ideal for negotiating difficult terrain, which made it especially efficient in places like the African savanna.

Land and sea -
Land Rovers today are built to survive relative immersion in water. But in 1969, the vehicles were still being tested for their amphibious abilities.

For the adventurous -
By the early 1970s, the Land Rover was one of the most popular vehicles on the planet. 

Land Rover Series III -
As if to rubber-stamp its fame, in 1971 the Land Rover Series III was launched. 

Royal transport - Pictured is Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, being driven through Newcastle in March 1983 during their tour of Australia.

Land Rover Discovery -
Launched in 1989.

Sting at the wheel -
Rock star Sting drives a Land Rover over an obstacle course to promote the new Discovery model in New York City in March 1994. 

All terrain -
A Land Rover plows its way through a sea of sand in Hartmann Valley on Namibia's remote Skeleton Coast.

BMW takeover -
In 1994, Land Rover was taken over by BMW. The Ninety and One-Ten range of Land Rover models were then given the generic name of Defender.

Land Rover Freelander -
In 1997, the Land Rover Freelander was introduced in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions. Production of the Freelander lasted until 2014.

Production line -
In 2006, Ford acquired the Rover trademark from BMW. In 2008, Ford sold  its Land Rover operation (and Jaguar operation, which it also owned) to Tata Motors.

Today's Land Rover -
The Land Rover Defender 90 off-road 4x4 vehicle on display at Brussels Expo in January 2020.

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