Why we're all brushing our teeth wrong

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How often: When it comes to the frequency, the official advice in countries such as the US .

Time of brushing: In terms of the length of brushing time, it is the recommendation of many health organizations that we brush for at least two minutes.

Which toothbrush: We need to be careful when it comes to choosing a toothbrush. 

Flossing: Many dental health organizations are vocal supporters of flossing. 

Stats: Indeed, one study in Sweden found that only 10% of people practice the optimum brushing technique.

What can we do about it: In this gallery we take a look at what people are doing wrong, and how we can make sure we are getting the most out of our mirror time.

Method of brushing: Let’s start with the method of brushing. The most important thing to remember here is that brushing aims to get rid of plaque.

All gone wrong: From the method of brushing, to the equipment we use, there are many things that can and do go wrong during the teeth brushing process.

Home truth: For an activity that has (hopefully) been part of our daily routine since childhood.

Before or after breakfast: Whether we should brush before or after breakfast is still an area of debate among dental professionals, and there is no strong recommendation.

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