Why you need to visit Switzerland

Jungfraujoch: Also known as the Roof of Europe, here you can admire the Alps on a railway journey going up 11,000 ft.

Zurich: This cosmopolitan city is an excellent romantic escape.

St. Gallen: In the town of St. Gallen, you can find the beautiful Abbey of St. Gall. Founded in the 8th century.

Swiss National Park: With only one national park in the country, this one is definitely worth visiting.

Chillon Castle: Surrounded by the Alps on a tiny island on Lake Geneva, this is considered the most beautiful castle in Switzerland.

Interlaken: Located between two lakes, this breathtaking town offers stunning scenery. 

Zermatt: For travelers looking to ski or snowboard in the Swiss Alps, this small town is the ideal location.

Matterhorn: Known as the world’s most photographed mountain, you can reach it from the skiing resort of Zermatt. 

Lavaux Vineyards: Located in the longest vineyard region, this place serves for an excellent hike.

Bellinzona: Located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, beautiful Bellinzona offers the best in food and culture.

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