Why you should spay neuter your pet

What is spaying or neutering: During surgical sterilization, performed under a general anesthetic, a veterinarian .

Spaying: A ovariohysterectomy, or the typical "spay," describes the removal from a female dog or cat of the ovaries.

Neutering: Neutering, the male-specific term of which is castration, is the common term used to describe the surgical.

Is spaying or neutering necessary: There are indeed medical and behavioral benefits to spaying and neutering.

Male dogs: From a medical standpoint, the advantages of neutering a male dog.

Behavioral benefits: Neutering a male dog removes sexual urges, which usually inhibit roaming behaviors. 

Female dogs: Regarding female dogs, spaying prevents uterine infections and decreases the incidence of breast tumors.

Behavioral benefits: Generally speaking, female canines may also show less aggression towards other dogs and humans after they're spayed.

Male cats: Medically speaking, and as with canines, a neutered cat is risk free of testicular cancer. 

Behavioral benefits: A neutered cat is less likely to roam, thus reducing the risk of being injured in fights or road traffic accidents.

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