You can donate all these items

Stuffed animals -
SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies) collect stuffed animals (as well as blankets and children's books), which are used by emergency services.

Bikes -
Bikes for the World collects bikes and bike equipment and provides it, as well as education, to select bike shops around the world.

Halloween costumes -
You can donate your old Halloween costumes to Goodwill. They will usually find a home for them from September onwards.

Gaming equipment -
Get Well Gamers donates games and consoles to children's hospitals and healthcare centers across the UK.

Yarn -
The Knitting Connection accepts yarn, which is used by a network of volunteer knitters, crocheters, and quilters to make valuable products for people who need them.

Clothes -
Don't throw your clothes in the bin if they could help someone. There are virtually endless charities that accept donations.

Old furniture and mattresses -
Mattresses are welcome at the Salvation Army and Goodwill chapters, and furniture is welcome at the National Resource Defense Council.

Coffee mugs -
Most thrift stores will be delighted to take coffee mugs as long as they've been bleached clean.

CDs -
Kid Flicks takes donations of CDs and DVDs to create movie and music libraries for children in hospitals.

Dentures -
These old dentures are recyclable. If you give them to your dentist, they can give them to a company that will make use of their materials.

Cell phones -
Cell Phones For Soldiers is one of the many organizations that accept donations of old cell phones and tablets.

Old or foreign coins or bills -
UNICEF takes these donations as part of its Change for Good program.

Old wires -
Goodwill of Northern New England takes the wires, which they can recycle or extract the copper from.

Wedding dresses -
Brides Across America provide second-hand gowns and bridal attire to military wives-to-be in need.

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