How to read JSON file in Python

You can read a JSON file in Python by following these steps:

  1. Import the json module.
  2. Open the JSON file using the open() function in Python. The file should be opened in read mode ('r').
  3. Load the contents of the JSON file using the json.load() method. This will convert the JSON data into a Python object.
  4. Close the file using the close() method.

Here is an example code snippet that shows how to read a JSON file in Python:

import json

# Open the JSON file in read mode
with open('example.json', 'r') as f:
    # Load the contents of the file using json.load()
    data = json.load(f)

# Close the file

# Print the data

In this example, example.json is the name of the JSON file that you want to read. The with statement is used to automatically close the file when you’re done reading it. Once the file is read and its contents are loaded into the data variable, you can then manipulate it as a Python object.