Induced EMF and current

An electromagnetic force is stated to be induced when the flux linking with a conductor or change of coil. These changes can be seen in two different way namely statically or dynamically induced EMF. Statically induced EMF is generating by keeping the coil and magnetic field system and both of them are stable at the same time and that indicates the change in flux linking with the coil takes place without moving the conductor. This statically induced EMF includes self-induced EMF and mutually induced EMF. Second is dynamically induced EMF which includes a magnetic field system that is kept stationary and the conductor is moving and this phenomena takes place especially in electric generators and also in motors and in transformers.

What is eddy current?

It is mainly related with the conductors which move with a uniform magnetic field which will have current induced within them. These eddy currents are undesirable as they dissipate energy in the resistance of the conductor. There are few methods to control this undesirable inductive effect as electromagnets in the motor, transformer and generators do not use solid metals but they used a few metal plates which is known as lamination. The more or less inductive coil in electronics is typically used as magnetic cores to minimize parasite current flow of that inductive coil. These electromagnetic laminations have eddy current which occurs when a metallic mass is rotated in a magnetic field as the outer portion of the metal cuts more and more lines of force than the inner force. It is stated that eddy current consumes a particular amount of energy and can cause a harmful rise in temperature. Another type is parasitic inductions with conductors which illustrates a solid copper bar on a rotating armature which just passes under the tip of the pole piece.

How this process can link electric and magnetism?

These both involve the attraction and repulsion between the charged particles and the forces exerted by these charges and this interaction between electric and magnet is known as electromagnetism. This is a fact that magnet can create electricity and the flow of magnet can generate electricity or can be mentioned as vice verse as electricity can generate magnetic field. These both are connected by the magnetism effect in the electricity as they both are the point of their attraction and repulsion as well and they function along with each other.


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