How to Insert the Header and Footer inside MS Word

Header and Footer generally allow you to add additional information like dates, file names, page numbers at the top or bottom of your MS word document. The basic steps to set up a header and footer inside MS word are:

  • First, Select the Insert tab
  • Then, Locate the Header & Footer group
  • Now, It shows Header and Footer commands
  • As required click on either the Header or the Footer command
  • It will now display a list of built in Header or Footer options
  • Select your desired option

See the image to insert the Header:

See the image to insert the Footer:

If you select the Blank option it will display the Design tab with the header and footer tools.

Once the Design tab actsive you can easily add the Date and Time to Header or Footer by clicking on the Date & Time command. On clicking it displays the ‘Date & Time’ dialog box. elect your desired date format, time format or date and time format.


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