Install Android

To develop an android application, Android facilitates various programming languages including java, c++, c#, etc. However, the officially supported language for Android is Java. Here, we are going to use Java language and Eclipse IDE, thus focusing on the software that is required to develop android applications using Eclipse IDE.

Ways to install android:

There are two ways to install android. These are:

  • By ADT Bundle
  • By Setup Eclipse Manually

By Android Studio:

To install the software required for an android application, using the ADT bundle is the simplest way which includes:

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse Plugin

When the Android Studio is downloaded from the android site, the eclipse IDE, Android SDK, and eclipse Plugin are already included in the Android Studio. Go to eclipse IDE after downloading the Android Studio. Click on the eclipse icon to start the eclipse. Paste the JRE directory inside the eclipse directory, in case the eclipse is not started.

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