Install MySQL

Steps to install MySQL

Step 1:

Visit the MySQL official website

Step 2: 

The version number for MySQL community server should be chosen as per the requirement.

Step 3:

A neatly packaged MySQL will be downloaded with an installer.

Step 4:

The installer package should be downloaded next.

Step 5:

Unzip the installer package anywhere.

Step 6:

Run the setup.exe file and then everything will be installed at C:\mysql path, by default.


Verify MySQL installation:

The MySQL successful installation can be verified after the base tables have been initialized, and the server has been started. To verify the MySQL installation, follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Open the MySQL Command Line Client.

Step 2:

The MySQL Command Line Client will appear with a mysql> prompt. Here you will have to write the already set password.

Step 3:

The connection to the MySQL server is now established and thus all the SQL command can now be executed at the mysql> prompt.


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