Matter waves, wave nature of particles and de Broglie effect

Matter waves belong to the family of quantum mechanics as a central part of this family and it is mentioned that all matter can exhibit wave-like behavior as a beam of light or electrons can be detracted just like another beam of water. Another name of matter waves is de Broglie waves and its wavelength is associated with massive particles and related to its momentum through a phenomenon called Planck constant. Einstein first explains this concept of wave-particle duality and later explained in detail by de Broglie in 1924 in one of his thesis. He explained that by arranging momentum or by rearranging the momentum a relationship between wavelength which is associated with electron and its momentum can be concluded And now this concept is universal that all matter exhibits the property of particles and waves both.

What is de Broglie theory on the wave?

This is also known as pilot-wave theory and Bohm’s interpretation. This theory is basically deterministic and no local in which the velocity of any particle depends on the equation of the guiding equation. The result of this theory is in a measurement formalism that mainly yields the classic physics and standard quantum formalism which is generally associated with Copenhagen interpretation. It also has several mathematical formulas included by which this is easy to understand and to make people understand its importance in the world of physics although this theory is not considered accepted by the mainstream theories of that time and the reason is its non-locality as they are not from the mainstream physicist. This theory is evolving by time and many corrections of configuration took place so that it can go on the mainstream to be proved right by the mainstream physicist.

What are the extensions of this theory?

Relativity, spin, quantum theory, and curved space are some of the theories which can give an extension to this part of the physics. To give extend by the help of curved space only two components can give what it required and those components are gradients and Laplacians and there equations has some form up to give it a try. The basic idea of quantum theory is that configuration space becomes space of all possible configurations. Relativity is the pilot extension and plays a very important role in the relevance of this particular theory and this extension is the most reliable extension theory.


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