Needs and Methods of Birth Control


Birth control is the prevention of pregnancy before it can begin. It is also known as fertility control, or contraception. Since ancient times, many birth control methods have been controlled, but the safe and effective methods only become available in the 20th century.

Why Birth Control Methods Should be Used

Birth control is used to avoid pregnancy. Birth control will significantly reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Birth control is right for personal decisions. If someone is not prepared to have infants and to take care of them, then birth control is the significant option. Additionally, the number of people in the world is increasing promptly and resources are becoming less available. So, birth control is the best option to reduce the burden on depleting resources. Birth control may be followed due to the following reasons.

  • People may have decided that they don’t want children.
  • They want control over life.
  • They want a gap in the timing of the birth of children.
  • One may not have a stable partner for parenting the child.
  • One may feel like the family is complete.
  • For the health-related issues and reasons.
  • One may be too young to be a parent.

Methods of Birth Control

Many options are available for birth control. Any method that is used to prevent pregnancy is the birth control method. Here are different methods that can be used for birth control.

Male and Female Sterilization: For this purpose, a surgery or medical procedure is used for birth control. It will prevent pregnancy for the rest of the life.

LARC Methods: The use of LARC methods involves hormonal implants and intrauterine devices. It is inserted by the doctor for one time, and there is no need to worry about birth control, on a daily or monthly basis. Depending upon the method LARC can last for three to ten years.

Short-Acting Hormonal Methods: It involves the use of mini-pills, pills, vaginal rings, shot, and patch. According to the prescription of the doctor, one needs to take it on a daily or monthly basis. For the shot, there is a requirement to get it from the doctor every month.

Barrier Methods: This method involves the use of the diaphragm, sponges, cervical cap, and the condom. This method of birth control should be used, each time of having sex.

Natural Rhythm Methods: It involves the use of ovulation home test kit for monitoring of fertility. One can determine the fertile and infertile days, and by having intercourse in the infertile days there is no or minimal chance of getting pregnant.



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