NPC full form

NPC:- National Productivity Council

NPC stands for National Productivity Council. It is a national level organization. It’s objective is to promote productivity culture in India. It was established in the year 1958. It is a multipartite, autonomous, non-profit organization with equal representation from its employers’ & workers’ organizations. It also has representation from Government, apart from the technical & the professional institutions and other such entities. It is a constituent of the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) which is a Tokyo-based organization. APO is an Intergovernmental Body, of which the Government of India is a founder member. NCP teams up with its clients to find out solutions regarding the acceleration of productivity, enhancement of competitiveness, increase in profits, augmentation of safety and reliability and ensuring better quality. It also provides a reliable database for decision-making, improved systems, and procedures. It also keeps in mind work culture and customer satisfaction (both internal & external). The services provided focus on economic growth and quality of life. It is a part of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India.

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