Peripheral nervous system

The peripheralnervous system is one of the two important systems in the human body after the central nervous system. The central nervous system works in inside of the brain and spinal and on the other hand, the peripheral nervous system works outside the brain and spinal as it consists of nerve and ganglia which are outside the brain and spinal. The main function of the peripheral nervous system is to connect the central nervous system to the organs and limbs. It also serves as a relay between the brain and the spinal cord and the rest of the body but the peripheral nervous system is not protected by the vertebral column and skull like the central nervous system.

The peripheral nervous system and more.

The peripheral nervous system is then divided into two more nervous systemknown as the somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system. In the soma nervous system,a nerve called cranial nerve is the part of the peripheral nervous system with the exception of optic nerve and retina, there is also a second cranial nerve but it is not a part of the peripheral nervous system along with this there are other ten cranial nerves axons which are the part of the peripheral nervous system. On the other hand, the control over smooth muscles and glands is under controlled bythe autonomic nervous system.

Diseases which are a threat to the peripheral nervous system

Some disease can harm one or two nerve of the peripheral nervous system or sometime it can be a threat to the whole system, as well as mononeuropathy, can happen and it may cause damage to the peripheral nerve or root nerve also. This may cause by trauma, injury or compression. As compression of nerves can occur cause of tumor or injury. Another disease is carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome and the symptoms of the carpal tunnel syndrome are the pain and numbness in the middle finger, index figure, and thumb. Some toxic damages can cause in the peripheral nervous system due to a variety of means like diabetes, alcohol, heavy metal or other toxics.

Peripheral neuropathy is a sensory loss in the glove and stocking which start taking place at the peripheral and then goes upward and hence peripheral neuropathy is not only limited to the somatosensory nerves but alsoto the autonomic nervous system too.

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