Plant cell vs Animal cell

Differences between a Plant cell & Animal cell

Plant cell Animal cell
A plant cell is usually larger in size. Animal cell is comparatively smaller in size
It is enclosed by a rigid cell wall The plasma membrane is surrounded by a complex extracellular matrix
It contains a large central vacuole An animal cell often possesses many small vacuoles
Plastids are present Plastids are absent
Nucleus lies on one side in the peripheral cytoplasm Nucleus usually lies in the centre
Centrioles are usually absent Centrioles are present
Lysosomes are rare. Their activity is performed by specialised vacuoles Lysosomes are always present
Glyoxysomes may be present Glyoxysomes are absent
Reserve food is generally in the form of starch or fat Reserve food is usually glycogen and fat
Crystals of inorganic substances may occur inside the cell Crystals are usually absent

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