Sanctuaries and the wildlife are the two aspects of the same coin. The main aim of the sanctuary is for the preservation of the wildlife. The sanctuaries are the geographical territories that are reserved for the preservation of biodiversity. No limits are confined to the wildlife sanctuaries. It is open to be visited by the people and there are no restrictions and boundaries. Sanctuaries are the finest options for the preservation and conservation of the endangered species.

Need and Uses of the Sanctuaries

In the sanctuaries, the organisms are brought to life, and then they are protected for the rest of their lives. They are established with the main purpose to preserve the biodiversity, or to maintain the natural environment. Some of the sanctuaries, offer the rehabilitation of the wildlife. The injured and the abandoned wildlife are brought to the sanctuary and it is nursed back to the health and complete recovery before relaxing it back to the sanctuary environment. It gives the natural environment to the endangered species and saves them. In the area of the sanctuary, the area of the habitat of the organisms and their surrounding environment is protected from any sort of disturbances. In these regions the killing, capturing, and the poaching of the animals is strictly prohibited.

Importance of the Sanctuaries

There are various reasons to consider the establishment of the sanctuaries. Some of the important reasons are stated below.

  • The sanctuaries are established for the protection of the endangered species.
  • From their natural habitat, the relocation of organisms and animals is quite a difficult approach. So, their protection in the natural environment is an advantageous one.
  • In the sanctuaries, there is the routine monitoring and observation of the endangered species. Their reproduction and the growth of new individuals under the protected conditions help for the survival of the species.
  • The activities of the researchers and the biologists are permitted in the sanctuaries so that the most advanced setup can be constructed for their survival.

Conservation of Biodiversity

The purpose to build the sanctuaries is to protect the biodiversity in the most appropriate form. Various sanctuaries of the world are involved in ecotourism. They offer tour guides, natural walks, and accommodation as well.

Education and Public Use

Along with the conservation of the biodiversity, the sanctuaries are involved to educate and guide the people about the many species. People can enjoy the swimming, golf course, and boating in the lakes, as people are allowed to visit them for a picnic.


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