The nervous system in humans

The nervous system is a collection or a complex collection of nerves and some specialized cell known as neurons. It is also known as electric wiring. The nervous system consists of two components like the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. As per the structure, the central the nervous system is made up of spinal cords, the brain, and nerves whereas peripheral nervous the system consists of sensory neurons, ganglia, and nerves that connect to one another and also to the central nerve system.

Functionally this is divided into two subdivisions into two-the part is known as the somatic or voluntary also known as an autonomic and involuntary component.

What is the description of the nervous system?

According to some of the universities,nerves are the cylindrical bundles of fibers whose starting point is the brain and central cord and branch out to every other body part. By axons,neurons send signals to the other cells as axons are the thin fibers and this whole process cause chemicals called neurotransmitters which are released at a junction called synapses. And these synapses givea command to the cell and the entire communication takes only a fraction of milliseconds. Sensory nervous react the stimuli such as light, sound and touch and it send ssignals to the central nervous system as per the surrounding of it’s the environment.

Diseases of the nervous system.

The main disease associated with the nervous system is nerve disorders which cause functional difficulties which can further cause epilepsy in which there are abnormal electrical discharges from brain cells. Most common The most dangerousdisease is Alzheimer’s which covers a wide range of disorders which impacts mental functions mainly the memory. When there is bleeding in the brain and blow the flow to the brain obstructed also known as a stroke.

How can the nervous system be studied?

Neurology is the branch of science which studies the nervous system and the doctors who study the neurology known as neurologists. There are also physiatristswho are physicians who work to re-centralize or to rehabilitate those patients who experienced the disease or some kind of injury to their nervous system which has impacted the functioning of their entire nervous system. Some foreign doctors also stated that one nervous system disturbed by outer effects such as operations or surgeries can never be the same case but it also depends on the severity of the patient’s conditions and their ability to recover which depends on immune system they carry.

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