UNCED full form

UNCED:- United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNCED stands for United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. It is also known as the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit or the Rio Summit, the Rio Conference or the Earth Summit. It was a major United Nation Conference in Rio de Janeiro from 3rd to 14th June 1992. The issues addressed include:

  • Systematic scrutiny of the patterns of production – particularly toxic substances like lead in gasoline or poisonous wastes like radioactive chemicals etc.
  • Research on alternative sources of fuel to replace fossil fuels.
  • Improve and increase reliance on Public Transportation Services as it would lead to reduced vehicles on roads effectively curbing vehicular emissions.
  • Scrutiny on the growing demand and usage of water and reduction in the number of sources of water.

One of the major achievements of the summit was an agreement on the Climate Change Convention which in turn led to the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

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